how to make cat claws

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There’s a special wingback chair in a special room behind a special door that my cats go berserk for if left to their own devices.


The truth is, there’s nothing special about the chair or the room. It’s a spare bedroom that doubles as a library, but as soon as they hear the door open they are inside and using my wingback as their favorite scratching post. It’s too late for that poor chair, but I have saved other furniture and carpeting from almost certain “death by cat” but learning to trim my cat’s nails for them.

It can be challenging and frightening for both your cat and you to trim their nails. You don’t want to cut the quick accidentally, and a squirming cat can make it difficult to get through all front claws quickly. IT’s best to trim their nails at least twice a month and start while they are young to establish the practice. But you can also develop this practice with an older cat.

The trick to avoiding trouble in the nail trimming department is to make the process as friendly as possible. Forcing your cat to do something or causing pain, physical and emotional, will make this a difficult practice in the future.

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Cats, unlike dogs, don’t respond to praise. They respond to food. When you’re ready to trim your cat’s nails, get some high-value treats, gently place your cat in your lap, and use cat specific nail trimmers. Don’t force your cat to do all nails at once if she’s resisting you but make sure to repay her with a treat when she’s reached her max, or you’re done trimming.

A cat’s claws are retractable and you will have to expose them to clip them. If you’re just starting out, take only the tips off until the both of you get comfortable with the practice. You never want to cut the quick on your cat because it has nerve-endings and blood vessels inside and will cause pain and trauma. With practice, you will get good, and you can keep more furniture.