how to paint your nails perfectly

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Nail polish isn’t just part of your makeup, but a fashion addition in its own, right? Choose your favorite polish color as well as texture and pick the mood you’d like your hands and feet to exhibit to the outside world.
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Make sure that your polish coordinates well with your clothing in order to accent your chosen dress and overall beauty.

The following steps will help you achieve this.

Step 1

cute nail art

Consider what you will be wearing and the place you’ll be wearing it. If you’re dressing for an interview at a bank or business, be sure to do it in neutrals. Your polished nails should feature neutral colors, such as whites, pastels, and beige tones can be incredible. A French manicure is currently the most popular choice. Your nails should complement your corporate image, instead of fighting it.

Step 2

best nail polish colors

Carefully polish your nails to accessorize an artsy look. A romantic dress should be accented with pink and coral nail shades. For a femme fatale look, select deep reds, purple shades, and sultry burgundy.

 Step 3

nail designs

Make sure to step up your nail fashion if you’re going out for a party or concert. Polish your nails using nail polish that will dry for a “cracked” / textured look.
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Also, finish them with bright colors (they should be primary of course) plus added textures. You can also finish them with decals and added glued jewels.

Step 4

new nail polish trend

Turn your nails to be the stand out elements. Put on a little black dress. Also, don’t forget to paint the nails relatively brighter turquoise. Then, wear turquoise jewelry that perfectly accents with the color of your nails. This should be followed by matching your ruby red fingernails & toenails with the ruby red lipstick of your choice.

Step 5

nails step by step

Match the nail polish with the accessories. The secret of matching your nails polish with the outfit lies in the accessories you choose. For instance, if you wear a gold statement necklace, it will be classy if you go for a gold shade type of nail polish. Also, try matching your nails with your bag’s color, since this is likely to balance your outfit with the nail polish.