best dark nail polish

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As summer comes to an end, we’re all looking to get out class act back for this fall. What better way to let go of the fun and sun than with a timeless fall nail look.

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Clean lines and dark colors, I love the look of a natural mauve color. It’s a favorite go to for rebalancing a hectic, hot, and crazy summer life but adding a dark contrasting line enhances the look and gives your nails a designer looks sure to gain attention.

The look couldn’t be any easier either. All you’ll need are two of your favorite fall colors and stripping tape. You can find stripping tape in most craft stores in beauty supply shops as well. You don’t want the adhesive side to be too sticky, so tape used for model painting is always the best.

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Start with your lighter color and give your nail a good coat. Let the coat dry well and then apply the strip to the area you want darker before adding your second coat. This is help keep the polish even as it sits on your nail. After you second coat has dried, tape off the line you want to make darker. This portion of your nail should only have one coat of your primary color so it should relatively easy to see where the tape and darker polish will lay.

Paint the negative space with the darker color and add another coat if it comes out too thin. Once the nail is dry, peel off the tape to reveal a smart, sharp line on your nail. This is a classic look and completely appropriate for the coming days of fall, but you can add more style with lines the move in different directions or are placed in different areas on your nail. Whatever style you chose, this look is sure to turn heads.