simple cat tower

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A curious cat loves to explore. A bored cat claws at the furniture. Giving your cat more options to explore space will stimulate his mind and keep him happy. Here are some creative ways you can increase your cat’s enjoyment from fun, easy ways.

cat climbing house

    1. Boxes and Cat Caves – Cat caves are dark spots in quiet areas of your home that you cat can retreat to and feel safe. They are perfect for lounging in too. By setting up a few places your cat can go to, he will enjoy finding and exploring the new spaces.
    2. Bed skirts – It might sound strange, but bed skirts are an excellent way to get your cat exploring areas he didn’t go to before. He might have run under the bed at some point, but chances are, he finds a more secure place to nap. If you have a few beds in your home, try adding skirts to them to entice your cat into exploration.

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diy cat furniture

  1. Cat Wall Shelves – Cat wall shelves are an excellent way to utilize unused wall space and add character to a room. They also give your cat a mode to explore new spaces and smells in your home. You can grow catnip on the shelves or place pillows for napping that will attract your cat to them. Cat wall shelves also satisfy the need to tree climb to safe places, which is instinctual.
  2. Cat Climbers – Cat climbers are similar to cat shelves but are more like cat condos and carpeted trees that your cat can climb. They are widely used to as cat scratching posts too because cats enjoy the feel of carpet.
  3. Outdoor Cat Runs – Outdoor cat runs are large contained cages that your cat has access to from inside the house. These cat runs can get very elaborate but are exciting for your cat because he gets an opportunity to go outside and feel the sunshine.