Does your dog love you?

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You are absolutely very crazy about your beloved dog, and you aren’t afraid to let the world know about it. However, showering your pup with all those toys, treats, toys, and comfy dog beds in addition to fancy collars won’t let him know just how you appreciate him. Of course, he appreciates all these stuff, but you have to do more.

By doing more, I mean speaking his language, focusing on what he eats, and minding about his shelter.

The food

Let us focus on the food first, because food matters a lot to him.

The only time you shouldn’t share foods with your best friend is when the FRIEND is a dog.

Dogs love eating literally ANYTHING that a man eats. But they cannot differentiate good foods and potentially fatal non-doggy ones.


The golden advice…………..

Never give your dog anything considered as harmful to human beings. This may include candy, foods that contain excessive amounts of salt, alcohol, as well as anything seasoned with artificial sweeteners. Moreover, avoid giving your companion fruits and vegetables that human consume. For instance, things like onions and avocados is a no go zone.

Do dogs understand when you kiss them

Give him what he loves most

Pets especially dogs love cantaloupe, watermelon as well as pineapple, so feed him these sweet, tasty fruits instead.

Don’t focus on the dog, focus on the people.

It is difficult training a dog not to accept and eat foods given it to him by other people. Instead, train the people.

Many foods you consume might be safe for cats and dogs, but it boils down to the preparation method utilized. Chicken, for instance, is OK. But remember to stick to the white meat, which can be boiled /baked, boneless, as well as skinless. Go slow on spicy foods since they make to the top of the BANNED list.

Do you think dogs are lifetime companion

Body language and shelter

When you come home from work, and your dog stops whatever he was doing -playing with his toys, eating-to welcome you, embrace him. Also, ensure that where he sleeps is comfortable. Get a great dog bed for him, and you’ll enjoy a long, loving relationship with your LIFETIME COMPANION.