Stop Puppy Mills

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There can be no doubt, most of us are turned off by the atrocities committed against dogs by people running and operating puppy mills. People who run mills do so for the pure sake of financial gain at the expense of precious life and sometimes, even illegally.

The dogs that come from mills are often sick, disabled, or traumatized due to the breeding practices. Such was the case for poor Nubz, a Husky and Chow mix puppy.

While in the mill, Nubz’s mother chewed off the pup’s rear paws, which was mostly due to her stress levels at being caged and forced into breeding well before she was fully mature herself. Though it is unknown, it is thought that Nubz is the only surviving member of his litter. Thankfully for this puppy, whose life could have ended horribly unfair, Nubz was rescued from the mill and brought up to Pennsylvania to undergo therapy with his foster mom.

Dogs have a remarkable will to thrive when shown love and Nubz responded well to his therapy. Soon, the happy, fully mobile dog was ready to find his forever home, and for Jim Havlinek of Oregon, it was love at first sight.

It was going to take a committed owner to adopt Nubz because he would need special lifetime care that included hydrotherapy and future prosthetics as Nubz aged out of his adolescent ones. Jim applied and was granted permission to adopt the special boy. The next step was a 2,800-mile journey across the United States in his RV to meet Nubz.

Puppy Mill Dog Experiences

The meeting was a success, and Nubz was made the long journey home to Oregon with Jim, accompanied by Bailey, one of Jim’s other two dogs. Once at home, Nubz was properly introduced to the pack, which now consisted of three happy dogs.

Puppy Mill Survivor

Jim’s commitment to caring for Nubz is fantastic, and the pup is doing well in his new life.

Dogs don’t react like humans do when we lose a limb, but Jim hopes Nubz can train to become a therapy dog to assist wounded veterans with their recoveries. Nubz story may have started out sad but now has a lifetime of happiness and love ahead.