how to dress rich on a budget

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For sure, it would be nice if each single piece in your wardrobe was made of silk as well as cashmere designer pieces of stuff, but hey, this is a real world –a world where getting the runway vibe without the squad ( yours of course) compelling you to assassinate your credit card (that is the work of squads, right?).
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So before thinking about the idea of buying a ton to just look good this season, try these simple tricks and refresh your wardrobe for good. With these golden tricks, you can make your existing pieces look more lavish.

how to dress classy

1. Steam / Press / Iron

Ironing your clothes can make a very big impact! Wrinkles make clothes (expensive ones) look cheap. So, ironing/pressing/steaming cheap stuff will make them look way more expensive. Invest in a steamer if you want to redefine your closet.
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how to dress cute on a budget

2. Take good care of your stuff

In general, it is important that you take good care of your stuff. Send those boots to the shoemaker for any repair. Remember, worn out heels won’t look sexy. Also, ensure you’ve your leather shoes polished, cleaned, and suede brushed. Don’t let the stains ruin your looks.

how to dress like you re rich

3. Ensure that you have a lint roller near

Your lint rollers, just like the lip balm, is very essential. Have them wherever you go. Get a mini version in your handbag. Fluffy things like sticking on coats and trousers, which can ruin your looks.

how to dress stylish
4. Ensure that all your clothes fit you

An oversized blazer might look cheap. Same applies to outerwear and trousers. If your pair of trousers is far too long, fix it ASAP. If the arms of your blazer are too short, roll up the sleeves. If things around the waist aren’t that good, get a nice belt. Some tricks you should employ include: Not wearing anything too small or too big.

Other helpful tricks

More helpful tricks include:

  • Stay fresh
  • Wear timeless pieces
  • Change up your details
  • Invest in classic accessories