how to make eyeshadow look good

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Some of the greatest glam rockers of all time used this trick to create their stunning look. Today, you don’t have to be a glam rocker, or even have to play an instrument to get these results.
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Just head to the junk drawer and grab some Magic Tape.

I prefer to use Scotch Tape (eyeshadow tape) because it stays in place and doesn’t hurt when I peel it off. You don’t want to use a tape that leaves behind a residue or that adheres too tightly to your skin and try hard not to get any of your eyelashes or eyebrows caught in the tape. However, if you Scotch tape, it won’t be hard to pull the tape away from your hair either.

Apply the tape (eyeshadow tape) to the side of your eye following the contour of your bones. I like to do this after applying my foundation, and I’ve found the tape doesn’t usually remove my makeup when I remove it, but you can do this step first if you think your foundation will be affected.
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Next, apply your eyeshadow to create a winged-out look or add a thinner cat-eye look. You will see eyeshadow transfer on to the tape, but don’t worry. You’ve created a seal against your skin to keep the makeup from smudging.

After you’re satisfied with the look, gently (and I mean gently) remove the tale from the bottom up. You may want to guide your skin and hold it down as you remove the tape just so your skin doesn’t lift. When you’re done, work on the other side, and you will instantly and quickly have created a fantastic look.

Magic Tape is a magic product when it comes to applying makeup. You can also use it to apply blushes and contour your face.