best bath bombs

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There is nothing like a relaxing than a soothing, hot bath set in the warm glow of candlelight. You can fall into a deep relaxation in mere seconds and enjoy a book or simply soak in the scents while you feel the hydrating power of water filling your senses. 
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In our busy, hectic lives, a soothing bath may be all the downtime we get, so why not make the most of your experience and have a ball.

I’m not talking about a real ball with fancy party dresses, dancing, and music. I’m talking about a bath ball, or rather, a bath bomb. Lush, a cosmetics retailer from the United Kingdom, offers a wide variety of fizzy bath bombs that transform your bath time into a relaxing art that dances with your senses.

water bath balls

The bath bombs are natural products that, when placed in water, break down by fizzing away to reveal uniquely banned and beautiful colors in your water. But what’s even more wonderful is that each bath bomb is infused with natural herbal scents that seek to relax and soothe your tired body.

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One of the many favorites is Monster’s Ball, which features Himalayan rock salt. Himalayan salt is excellent for detoxifying the body, improving hydrations, and reducing muscle cramps. It goes without saying that this bath bomb, with all its colors, is perfect for soothing your aching body and restoring your health after a long day.

what are the best bath bombs

Lush includes many different bath bombs, and if you’re interested in something ghoulish for Halloween, Lush has you covered. The Ectoplasm bath bomb is made from seaweed and tangerine and grapefruit oils to give your skin a smooth feel while lightening up mental fatigue and moodiness. 

If you want something cozy and warm, try the Pumpkin bath bomb for a sweet and spicy scent of vanilla, cinnamon, and exotic pimento berry.