why does my cat sit on my lap

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Being a cat owner, you know the happiness that kitties can bring to someone’s life, even when they are obnoxious. What’s it about cats that captures your heart and enslaves you through his charm?

Watch a video of some of cool cats and their humans.


These wonderful felines have a unique quality that would greatly be helpful for humans to cultivate; the ability to receive affection. Believe me or not, when a lovely kitty saunters our way, it isn’t easy to resist the urge to fondle him/her, even when it isn’t so wise.

why does my cat sleep on my neck

Feeling completely accepted

One reason we love to pet these captivating creatures is that the rhythmic action of caressing their soft fur feels soothing. Just like in meditation it focuses our attention. But I’m convinced there’s more to it than that.

why do cats sleep by your feet

Felines are so kind

Cats register our affectionate presence is a profound way. They’re so kind and know how to welcome us into their lives. They’re right there at the sweet moments receiving our touch. Delighted by your physical presence, your kitty may start purring and perhaps rolling on his back exposing his vulnerability- as if to tell you, “I trust you.

Come make me feel good.” Cats receive us so deeply, without any disturbing memories of unhappy moments like when we don’t feed them or tidy their litter box. They’re here with us now. They let go of all the troubling moments.

why does my cat headbutt me

Your kitty loves you unconditionally

You’re blessed to have a companion who truly loves you. What a gift to know that your pet is allowing you in! But unfortunately, most of us have chunks to receiving wholly and freely. Maybe past conflicts have muddied the waters. What’s wrong with loving back your cat?