red makeup looks

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Welcome to the red world where everything is at its most thrilling, most evocative, and most shocking. It woos everyone. It intoxicates all. It does not just make a statement — an exclamation too. This fall, take cues from our refined and gorgeous red makeup styles and get on top of the game.
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red lips

 The Under Cover

Now that fall is here and the weather is quickly cooling down, and you are no longer perspiring off each ounce of the makeup on your face, glossy lids are roaring back on your radar. So, either slather on some nicely colored eye gloss or trust brushing on red eyeshadow and tap clear some lip gloss on top to finish it off.

red lipstick makeup ideas

Seeing Red


Not able to get one perfect red that suits your skin tone? Here is the solution: Try swiping on different shades in an exciting, tie-dye-like style. Start off with the light shade (the lightest one), which is at the center of your lips. And then outline everything with a relatively darker shade.

Make a Splash

You do not need to be a “V. Gogh” to go nuts with brushes. Make use of your basic art skills you acquired from your elementary school when painting on strips of red around the eyes. Fear not-cover up those brows of yours, too. Get a creamy formula which is gentle on your work. Also, the formula should not pull out your precious hairs.

dark red lipstick makeup

Queen of Hearts

Well, red hands (for many) may not be the best way to go red makeup. But, red nails might be the easiest way for you. Coat those tips of yours using a bright crimson polish. Then, proceed to top it off with a top coat (a quick drying one, of course), so the shade can look sleek for at least two weeks.
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red lipstick looks

Flame Throwers

Here, you need to swirl a fleecy eyeshadow brush in Spike. Then Relish it before sweeping everything over your lids’ and brow bones’ outer corners. The same thing should be done with a powder blush brush —but just focus on the cheeks this time. Commence at your cheeks’ apples and work upward (and toward your eyes’ outer corners). Then contour your cheekbones’ hollows if you really want to add some depth to your look.