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Some people are on the fence about letting their cat sleep in the same bed with them. They may be worried about disease transmission or sleep disruptions. 

Of course, pet parents should do what they believe is best, but as the mom to two beautiful girls, I’m an advocate for sleeping with cats.

The key to avoiding sleep disruptions is giving you cat the space she needs to come and go from the bed. We humans typically sleep eight hours a night, but cats may get up several times during an eight-hour period. If you keep your door shut, she cannot get outside of your room to take a drink of water or chase the long shadows of night.

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The second concern is in disease transmission, which is a legitimate fear. However, if you keep your kitty healthy, she cannot transmit disease. Regular wellness exams, clean food and water bowls, and clean litter boxes are crucial to ensure your cat’s health.

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Concerns aside, here are the benefits of sharing your sleeping space with your cat.

  1. Warmth – Cats are furry little hot boxes that can help keep you warm if they are close by.
  2. Peace of Mind – Cats are not sound sleepers. They will wake up in a panic if they hear or see something that’s out of the ordinary. Hopefully, their alarm will also wake you up if need be.
  3. Snuggles – Snuggling with a cat is so wonderful. Who needs another human when you have all that furry love by your side?


  5. Therapeutic – The sound of a purring cat, or the feel of a cat sleeping beside you has incredible powers to heal you. They are an excellent resource for emotional healing.
  6. Love at First Sight – Waking up on the “right side” of the bed is so much easier when it includes a cat’s whiskers, cold wet nose, or a paw to the forehead.