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The perfect hairstyle takes more than taking a few snips! So, before you rush to book a salon appointment, it is vital to determine the shape of your face.

This will help you know what to expect from your hairdresser. To know the shape of your face, break out a ruler and measure your brow, cheekbones plus jawline’s width. Measure the length of your face starting from the chin to the forehead.

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Different shapes

If your face is oval, you’ll notice that the brow, cheekbones and jaw’s widths are almost equal. However, if it is round, the face is nearly equal in terms of width and length, with the forehead plus jaw curving at their corners. Those with heart-shaped faces possess a wide brow & narrow jaw. However, if your face’s length and width are equal, you face must be squared.

Below, we have sampled a list of hairstyles for different face shapes to help you get inspired. (ideas for a haircut)

hairstyles for oval faces

Round face, short

The cut

if your face is round but short, go for a gamine featuring spiky layers that have been sliced all around your face’s crown.

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Round but medium-length face

The cut

If your face is round but of medium length, you’re better off with a long and collarbone-skimming bob featuring wispy pieces around your neck (black hair bob haircuts).

Why it works

Hair which tends to hit your shoulders or collarbone is likely to have a face-slimming effect (face slimming haircuts). So, loose curls will only end up adding the angles, breaking up the chin area and are unlikely to curve in under the jaw. The result? You’ll end up counterbalancing your circular shape and structure.

Expert tip

Try going some inches (a few) longer than normal so that you can add weight to your cut, which will help balance your face’s roundness.

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