playing cat and mouse

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My two sweetheart cats are never far from me night and day when I’m home at least. If I’m watching television, they are cuddled up next to me or jumping up to block the T.V. with their little bodies.


If I’m reading in bed, they’re head bumping my book. I can’t take a shower without them banging on the shower door or stick their heads around the steamy corner. And every morning, I wake up with one or two cat toys in bed with me.

My cats and I do a lot of playing. We bat around tiny stuffed mice and play with feathers at the end of a cat fishing rod toy. My stoic cat, Juno, plays for about five seconds then watches my crazy Lia play with me for a good 10 minutes. Then it’s bed time. I always thought it was my crazy Lia who brought me the toys since we played all the time with them. But a few nights ago, just as I was drifting off to sleep, I saw Juno jump up on to the bed with one of the larger toy mice in her mouth. I didn’t move and only watch her through my lashes as she placed the toy in bed, not a foot away from my head.

do cats catch mice

The following morning, I woke up to find all the toys I had played with the night before in bed with me in a pile of stuffed cotton and cloth. Apparently, Juno has collected all of them, and “paw” delivered them to me. So, why bring me presents?

Cats are known to gift their owners with “presents” either of the stuffed animal kind or the dead animal kind. It’s because they think you’re a terrible hunter and they are providing much-needed sustenance to you. I could be offended by Juno’s attempts, but I like to think she’s just taking care of her invalid pack mom.