How To Clean Your Dog's Teeth Without A Brush

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Dental health is essential for your dog. Tartar builds up can not only lead to periodontitis but can also lead kidney, liver, and other organ failures. Dog teeth cleaning is important.

But even if you’re not a first-time pet parent, you might not think about keeping your dog’s teeth clean while they are young.

If this is the case, you often miss the opportunity to get your dog used to have his teeth brushed. Sometimes, even if you start at early ages, your dog may never get used to the process and allow you to brush his teeth.

Unfortunately, we are not able to reason with our dogs and explain that something that is no fun for them is good and will protect them as they age. Your dog just sees the toothbrush in your hand and hides anywhere he can.

The best option for tartar buildup is to have your dog’s teeth professionally cleaned at the veterinarian’s office. But this can be expensive and requires anesthesia, so the next best thing you can do is prevent tartar built up in the first place. If your dog is not a fan of the toothbrush, here’s what you can do to help keep his teeth clean. Let’s check on how to keep dogs teeth clean.

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  1. Healthy Diet – Most kibble companies want you to believe dry dog food helps keep your dog’s teeth clean, but it’s not too logical if you think about it. Would you eat cookies or crackers and expect your teeth to stay clean? Try a healthy, fresh diet to help keep your dog in overall good condition.
  2. Dental Spray – If your dog sits still long enough for you to lift his lips, you can use a dental spray that has plaque and tartar fighting enzymes that help break down build-up.
  3. Chew Toys – Every dog loves chew toys, but did you know they are also useful for your dog? The hard rubber helps to polish the teeth and removes buildup.
  4. Raw Bones – Raw bones work the same way as chew toys and are excellent treats for your dog. However, you want to avoid cooked bones because they splinted. Also, chose size-appropriate bones for chewing.
  5. Dental Treats – Dental treats combine the enzymes, flavor, and chew appeal in one item that your dog may enjoy. They break down tartar and freshen the breath but size is important, and you always want to supervise your dog with his dental treats. They are not useful if your dog swallows them whole.