long hair bridesmaid styles

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Trawling the internet for dazzling wedding hairstyle inspirations is our ultimate pastime of choice. Well, even though we aren’t saying we do, there is something we must say for the art of coiffure porn—and hey, you might get some inspirations for your future endeavors, too.

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These incredible looks are all we (plus many hairstyle lovers) have ever dreamed of, and (for sure) we warrant that they will offer something special for all–including you!

The French Twist

bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair

This French twist( which is somehow messy, of course) tends to involve plenty of natural texturizing spray plus an instant set of hands, but( on the surface) it might look way more challenging than it essentially is… meaning anybody, including you, can do it.

The Quixotic Bun

beautiful wedding hairstyles

Those who are so much into simplicity, this is your paradise. The simplicity exuded by this soft, quixotic bun will pair flawlessly with any crystal hair accessory, whether delicate or not. So, why not give it a try and turn heads during your big day?

The Low-Slung

We have something fascinating here: The low-slung featuring twisted bun and volume at the top. This style is so flattering and can fir any face shape.

No More Boring

Who said that wedding hair cannot be fun? Well, bouncy ponytail will dispel your belief that wedding hairstyles cannot be fun.

For a Bohemian Wedding

Use this hairstyle at a more bohemian wedding. Moreover, this accent braid is likely to look gorgeous on cool, wavy hair.

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Retro Hollywood Wave

This hairstyle confirms that classical retro Hollywood wave does not have to be such stuffy.

Hot is the Only Way!

So hot my friend! We can’t and we won’t get over an insanely elegant side braid like this.

Our Nameless

Confession: We don’t know what, precisely, to call a wedding hairstyle like this, but what we know for a fact is that it seriously looks gorgeous.

The Foolproof Way

Do you need something foolproof, right? Well, get up and try this classical half-up look. It will work perfectly during your big day.

You Love Long Waves

bridesmaid hair up
Long waves, when done perfectly with a cute flower embellishment, can recreate an infallible look.

Pin Your Hair Back and See the Magic

Pinning the front layers of your hair back from the face can let your features shine, marvelously. Make it your dream hair.

The Tousled Look

If you are so much into natural wavy hair, then you take inspiration from this tousled look.

Long Hair Puzzle Solved

bridal updos for long hair

Well, they say keeping long, thick hair is difficult. But the truth of the matter is that designing a bun on the hair’s tighter side can be a great way of keeping that long, thick hair of yours compact, even if it’s in high humidity.