golden goddess look

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Beauty trends might come and go, but an elegant, glowing complexion lasts forever. You watch those celebrities showing off an impeccably brilliant skin on the red carpet, and you’re left wondering how they achieve that amazing look, here is a hint— it isn’t a natural beauty.
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Getting that lit-from-within radiance requires proper skin care prep as well as the right makeup application. Luckily. We have got tips on how to achieve an ethereal complexion. So go ahead and get shining.

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Simply Exfoliate, Exfoliate, and Exfoliate

Glowing skin’s most awful enemy? Those dead, dry cells which tend to build-up leaving your complexion dull as well as lackluster. Of course, consistent sloughing sessions can make your skin look (and feel) fresh as well as healthy. However, if you require that extra exfoliating boost, for instance, before you go to a big event, get an exfoliating mask. And for the best results choose an exfoliator containing both chemical exfoliants, such as enzymes(responsible for dissolving dead skin) plus mechanical exfoliants, such as jojoba beads( which is responsible for buffing it off).

Reach for More and more of that moisturizer

Now that you have exfoliated your skin, you need to moisturize. Hydration is vital to perfect skin. So, consider using a moisturizer that’s rich in jojoba as well as avocado oils. Or go for a serum with rich hyaluronic acid. These products will draw water to your skin, making it plumper and smoother. Besides, you will now have a flawless canvas on which to rub in your makeup.

Prepare it with a primer

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With a good primer, you can boost the longevity of your makeup. Its luminescence will make you look stunning.

Bronze intelligently and strategically

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When it comes to bronzer, now it is time to dodge shimmer and embrace matte. You don’t need the extra shimmer at this point, all you want is to build-up the desired color from your bronzer. Dust it carefully with a fluffy brush, concentrating on the areas where the sun would hit naturally; your cheekbones, temples, and the nose.

Finish it with a Highlighter

While your skin should look great already, a highlighter should be the final step that’ll amplify the glow factor. A cream formula would be perfect as it will provide the seamless vibe you’re looking for.