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There is a myriad of reasons you might consider putting your canine in clothes. Maybe yours is a functional dog who requires protective clothes to help him stay warm during bad weather.

Before we go further with this article, check out the cute video where the puppies are dressed up in adorable outfits.


Or perhaps he is that type of pampered pooch who wears designer clothes because, well, you love dressing him up. Whatsoever the case, you should teach your pooch how to make himself comfortable in new clothes by embracing both patience & positive reinforcement training. Here is how you can teach him to be the finest -dressed up pup on the block.

The power of starting early & simple

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Your dog is likely to get used to clothes if he is taught the right things from his puppyhood.

Even if you’re not planning to regularly dress him up, it’s important to teach your furious pal to comfortably put on clothes while he is still a little animal.

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Whether yours is a pup or an adult pooch, it is best to start with easy-to-wear clothes that are comfortable. They should also not cover the back legs, his head, or feet.

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Begin with simple stuffs. Also, try something that can be fastened on the chest plus underneath of the stomach can do a nice job. This will eliminate the necessity to put his outfit all over his head, which can frighten some puppies.

dog training

Teaching him to develop a positive association with his clothes before wearing them can work like magic. All you need is to pull them out and let your dog to just look at them. If the result is sniffing them, mark the instant with a “good/nice”, reward, and a tear.

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Next, move these clothes toward him and reward your pet if he stands in place as you gradually touch him with the outfit. Then drape the clothes over the back for some seconds and reward your CALM pal for standing still. You can then proceed to fasten his stomach plus chest straps and treat/reward him for staying composed.