bad chafing

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Ladies, we all get chaffed, and boy does it hurt. I’m going to get real for a minute but we’re all adults. I recently learned, the hard way, that I should always wear panties when I plan on being outside all day. 

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I spent about eight hours one summer day running around outside in athletic skorts and you guessed it, completely commando. In retrospect, I don’t know what I was thinking. Getting even more real here, on those days I know I’ll be outside for a long time, I wear moisture wicking panties and prefer the Exifico brand briefs. They work wonders to keep me dry. Summers in Arizona get pretty hot.

Anyhow, on that faithful day I skipping my panties, I practically duck walked my way back into my house from the pain caused by chafing between my things and, yep, my bottom. If you ever felt this and want to avoid it, here are a few tips to keep your skin from chafing.

can you use deodorant for chafing

You can add a little petroleum jelly to your thighs if you plan on going for a run, working out, or otherwise finding a way to sweat. Sweating is the reason you’re chafing in the first place so you can control your sweat with a little talcum powder as well. I’ve even known ladies to use a bit of deodorant in a pinch.
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Moisture-wicking panties and workout pants can also help you in this department. You want to forget about the loose-fitting cotton pants that trap moisture and only irritate your skin more. If you’re an avid fitness buff, try alternating your thigh workouts every other day too.

The few times I’ve not taken care to prevent chafing have resulted in a few days of pain, so long as I didn’t further irritate my skin. 

The best way to deal with current chafing is to stop the rub and use a mild cleanser in the raw area but never scrub. 

Choose gentle, fragrance soaps with neutral pH levels and afterward, apply some petroleum jelly to help soothe and prevent more rub. Wear clothes that breathe well and give your thighs a break.