how to become a cat behaviorist

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To be fair to the cat, what we humans perceive as bad behaviors are natural and instinctual to the cat. Nighttime pouncing, romping, and playing might be viewed as inconvenient and tiresome to us humans but is completely natural to the cat.

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By the same token, scratching up the furniture and tearing it to shreds is frustrating and many people find themselves unable to break their cat of their favorite pass times. Chewing is the other equally frustration behavior that has cat owners pulling their hair out. Electrical cords and shoelaces are not safe from the cat.

becoming a cat behaviorist
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Cat owners who remain frustrated and can’t seem to break their cats of these behavioral issues may be out of touch with the feline mind. A better understanding of your cat’s needs and instinctual drive is essential to dealing with these annoyances. It is important to understand that you cannot stop the behavior but you can compromise.

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Night playtime and romps occur because the cat, by nature, hunts mostly at dusk and dawn because these are the times its prey is most active as well. Built-up energy is at a climax and manifests during the wee hours of the night with zoomies, rough running, and even cat noises. Intense play time with your cat before bed might help relieve some of the built-up energy, but your cat may still need more, especially in the younger years.

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You may have to shut your bedroom door and deny your cat entrance into your room to get some much need shut eye. Earplugs also help, and your cat will get the hint, no play time with the human while the human is sleeping.

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Scratching is a serious frustration for many cat owners, and some consider declawing their cats. While declawing was widely practiced in the past, this is an unhealthy answer and can lead to foot issues later in life. Try to replace the furniture with a scratching post and place the post near the furniture.

The new scratching post but be and allow your cat to full stretch. Cats are also more likely to scratch just after waking up so place a post near her favorite sleeping spot.

While you can deny access to the room the favored furniture is in, anytime the door is open your cat will come running. After all, the furniture inside is even more enticing now that she can’t get to it. If she still insists on scratching, you can use a cat repellent spray on the furniture too. Cat repellent sprays will also work on electrical cords and other items your cat chews on regularly. Make sure the repellent is made for cats though.

You cannot correct bad behaviors in cats since these are instinctual, but you can make compromises. A better understanding of the feline mindset will help you handle the curve balls your kitty throws at you.