adding water to dry cat food

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Cats need less water than dogs but are by no means camels. If you notice the water dish has plenty of water in it, you may be concerned your cat is not getting enough water.

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Though it is not recommended, your cat may be drinking from the toilet bowl, which is gross and unsafe for her. There is no real secret to getting your cat to drink more from proper places, just some tips. Here’s how you can get your cat to drink more water.

how to hydrate a cat
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First, get rid of the temptation of drinking out of improper places, like the toilet bowl. That’s easy in my house because it’s just me and all I have to do is remember to put the seat cover down. This might be harder in bigger family homes, especially with children so shutting the door to the commode room might be your best option. Any open water sources should be eliminated because they may contain unhealthy substances collected from the environment.

how to treat a dehydrated cat

For the second step, place water bowls all over the house, even in strange places. Cats are curious by nature, and the oddly placed water bowl will attract their notice. Varying the bowl types will also help maintain their curiosity. Try glass, stainless, and ceramic with varying depths. Good places to set water bowls down include near their favorite place to lounge around, by their cat condos, close to a favorite window sill, and in quiet, spare rooms. Placing a water bowl anywhere near the litter box is a waste of time since your cat will not eat or drink in the same area she eliminates her waste.
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Always make sure the water bowls are clean and have fresh water as well. The water bowl by your cat’s food bowl may get slimy if food gets in it, which will happen. Always rinse and scrub the bowls, without soap, before refilling it. If your cat is still giving you a hard time about drinking water, try giving her wet food once a week to help keep her hydrated. You may also want to open the water faucet for her. Many cats will lap up gently running water. Of course, you don’t want to leave the faucet running all the time. This is a special treat.