nail design ideas

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Nail art does not always have to be so precise or calculated. We can spend a lot of our time perfecting our look, setting the jewels and glitter, applying the extra coats, getting elaborate with our nail art. 
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Other times, we want a random where the chips fall sort of look. That’s what makes the spattered look so great. It’s also an effortless look to get. You’ll need the following things:

  • A base coat, usually an opaque white or light color but you go black and add bright neon colors on top too. It’s whatever you want.
  • Liquid latex for your cuticles
  • A toothbrush
  • Your spatter colors

Start with applying two layers of your top coat. Trace your cuticles with liquid latex while your opaque top coats are drying. 
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The liquid latex will prevent the spatter from getting on your cuticles and skin. You’re still going to get to some paint on your skin during this process, but you can easily wipe it off later.

Next, grab your spatter colors and paint them on the toothbrush. The heavier you apply your spatter colors to the toothbrush the thicker your spattered look will be. If this is your first attempt, try different amounts of polish and practice flicking the paint on to a surface other than your nails to get a feel for the look you want. Once you’re pretty satisfied with your technique, have at your nails.

If you want to use different spatter colors to create your look you should keep in mind these will layer. So, if you want your hot pink to me your spatter color of emphasis, remember to do that one last. When choosing your color schemes, you want high contrast colors. 

For example, white pops on black because these colors are complete opposites. Add hot pink, and now you’ve got some modern art.