adult frenchie

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French Bulldogs, known by many as Frenchies, are tiny little Bulldogs that were made for human love and companionship.

These popular little dogs are rising to fame with celebrities, such as Lady Gaga and her pack, the late, great Carrier Fisher and her Gary, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Hugh Jackman, and much more adopting them as their breed of choice.

mini french bulldog adult

So, what is it about Frenchies that is so attractive to us?

The French having a saying that sums up this dog, Jolie laide. The literal translation is beautifully ugly, and in English, we’re adapted it to “pretty ugly.” But the meaning goes even further. The French Bulldog is Jolie laide, so ugly he’s cute! Often referred to as a “pigbatdog” for his bat-like ears and piggy looks, this pup is irresistibly cute.

Cute French Bull Dog

He’s got a one of a kind face with expressive, bulging eyes and a smooshed nose. The expressions on the Frenchie are very human-like too, and you’ll often see him cock his head to one and raise an eyebrow in your direction.

The expression is enough to make your heart melt. Add in the smile and crooked teeth, and you’ve got one lovable pup.

pied french bulldog

Combine all that cuteness with a great, jester-like personality and strange noises a Frenchie makes, and you’ll find hours of entertainment with this dog. The sounds are particularly interesting, and you may not know if it came from the front or the end.

The Frenchie is very easy to maintain, and though he can be excitable and entertaining to play with, this dog needs a little exercise and lots of naps, making him a great indoor dog. But don’t let the lazy dog look fool you, this smart pooch can tell the difference between family members and strangers footsteps and will warn you if an unknown person is near.

cute frenchie

These sensitive, loyal, and loving dogs want to with you all the time and make it hard for you to leave them. Thankfully, their good manners and small statues also make them perfect for the road. With everything this little dog was going for, it’s easy to see why he’s captured our hearts.