short cap hairstyles

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Short hair, especially pixie cut short, can make accessorizing your hair difficult. I’ve gone from long to pixie and back to long a few times over the years, and each time I cut my hair to super cute, short and wild pixie style, I found I had to change a few things to compliment my look.

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how to highlight short hair

First off, people see a lot more of your face with a short hair style. Luckily, I have an oval shaped face with good symmetry and no exaggerated facial features. Makeup to make my eyes pop and just a little more contouring and I could get by with my makeup style. But my hair? Covering it up with a hat was a no go from day one. With long hair, I was used to wearing hats on the top of my head, like big floppy sun hats or beans I could pull my forehead for warmth. With the pixie cut, however, these hat styles just made my head look tiny and ridiculous.


What I didn’t realize was, I was choosing the wrong hats and wearing my hats completely wrong. With short hair, you must show off your face and left you hair also peek through. Berets and beans work perfectly for pulling this off. This is especially true of the beret, which is thankfully making a comeback this fall and winter, all you short haired ladies.

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To show off your face, position your hat on the back of your head, not straight up off your head. Restyle some of your short locks in front after you’ve correctly placed your hat. 
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Your hat can cover your ears and most of your head to keep you warm, but your full face must be seen to pull this look off.

If you still want to wear wide-brimmed hats, you need to find a floppy one that you can also position on the back of your head. These hats can be very glamorous but choose a color and style that contrasts with your hair color. With dark hair, you should choose a red and pair it with a red lip color. 

Platinum pixies can go with any darker color brimmed hat. Just make sure your hair peeks through the front. Experiment with other hat styles from beanies and berets to fedoras, and yes, even little pillbox hats.