Do THIS With Your Senior Dog To Make Her Feel Young

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No one said getting older was any fun, ever. The same is true for our canine companions. As our best friends age, the get slower physically and mentally.

They are also more prone to accidents inside and outside. However, you can help your senior dog enjoy his older years with ease.

Diet is important – Your dog needs high-quality food for his age. We all know about puppy chow, but did you know your senior dog needs special mixes too?


How do you make an older dog feel younger?

Usually, older dogs need low-calorie, low-sodium food that’s also high in fiber. Add a little bone broth to the kibble and give him an easy to eat, softer food that will benefit his body. You may also check with your veterinarian on the right supplements to give your dog that will support bone and joint health.

Prevent accidents – As your dog ages, he may become less steady on all four feet. Moving around the house is a slower process. Help your senior dog out by providing doggy stairs or ramps and using non-slip rugs in your home. You may also want to buy an orthopedic dog bed that supports bone and joint health.

Get moving – Moving is one of the most important things that will help keep your senior dog in good shape. However, ailing joints make hard impact exercise difficult. Swimming is an excellent way to get your dog moving again. Swimming helps maintain lean muscle and has no impact.

Water therapy is always an option to get your pooch moving again and is conducted in a warm pool with a therapist.

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How do you make an older dog feel younger?

Rubdowns – Almost every dog loves physical attention like ear scratching and pats, but you can take physical care to the next level with your senior dog and take him to the doggy spa for a massage. Massages run and gently manipulate the body to increase blood flow and send relief to aching bones.

Play as much as you can – A little extra play time and attention from you will keep your senior dog happy and not feeling his age. Of course, you don’t want to overdo it with exercise, but paying extra attention gives your dog a lot of happiness in his later years. It’s also an excellent way to communicate your love to your dog.