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Growing your hair out or maintain long, lovely locks already? Here are some killer tips for promoting growth and preventing damage.
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Many women swear by dry shampoo. A good dry shampoo can help you balance the oils on your scalp and promote healthy hair and growth. If you’re not using a dry shampoo, chances are you’re washing your hair daily. Regular shampooing and conditioning will strip the natural oils from your head and hair and leave both feeling dry and uncomfortable. Try switching to a once a week shampoo cleaning and use dry shampoo as needed during the rest of the week.

products that make your hair grow
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When you wash your hair spend a lot of time massaging your scalp too. Scalp massages stimulate blood flow, and that will help with hair growth. It also feels great and is super relaxing. I also like to lay on the back with my head hanging off the bed. I massage my scalp when my hair is dry, daily as well. This practice will also get the blood flow moving and help with hair growth. Just be careful getting back up. You might get light-headed.

On your hair washing day, make sure you condition your hair as well but only apply conditioner on the bottom ¾ of your hair. Conditioning you scalp may throw your natural oils off balance again. Concentrate on the ends of your hair with your finger tips for best results. When you’re done, towel dry your hair gently with a clean towel and use a wide tooth comb to work out any knots. Hair brushes and thin toothed combs will damage your hair and lead to more split ends. You want to avoid as many split ends as possible when growing your hair.

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