dog chews up bed

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In his spare time, when he isn’t posing for pictures (innocently of course), Romney the Destroyer tends to eat almost everything, including his own beds for breakfast.


He knows no boundary as far as what he eats is concerned. He might not look like much, but this little white-brown canine is actually a tough one.

I become tired buying and buying more beds. And my next stop was a date with a professional vet. In his own words, he told me to adopt an effective dog bed preservation strategy.

The guide to an effective bed preservation strategy

Well, some can wear out, some aren’t worth moving with (may be they are so big), and some can get damaged/destroyed. This small guide is for those with the last issue.

If you recently purchased a dog bed because your very-beloved terrorist destroyed the old one, then this must be the information you have been looking for.

Dogs normally behave “very badly” because they are never exercised, under-exercised, bored, or stressed. Following the following tips will help deal with these disturbing doggy issues:



Leave him in a state of sheer exhaustion!

If you manage to exercise him till he is very exhausted, congratulations. Give yourself a 5- star!


Don’t leave your dog bored. He will turn his energy to anything nearby. Get him good toys to play with.


If he likes chewing his bed, give him a hard bed to chew.

Make sure that the real bed is removed from the equation. Get old, cheap, ragged, pieces of clothes and stuff them together to make a nice surrogate-like bed.


Before introducing a new bed to him, spray it with “BITTER HERBS.”


Try finding “indestructible canine beds” from a reputable company.

Find something with a zipper and one which is very heavy.