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Dogs are brilliant creatures, loyal and chock-full of unconditional love, right? They provide owners with so much happiness that it only seems good to give them the best life in return.

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Even though your dog may spend most of his time at home alone, it doesn’t mean that he should be bored. While there might be an array of favorite toys for your pet to play with, certain toys and treats are better kept aside before you leave.

Toys for dogs

Rawhides, for instance, are slapdash fun but needs supervision. Similarly, older plush toys might open up after several rounds of a tug, divulging the internal plastic squeaker. When deciding which playing toys to leave out, prioritize safety, considering those which are least probable to shred, disintegrate, or otherwise expose your pup to risk.

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More options……

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Flavored synthetic: Nylabones, for example, borrow the shape of dogs’ love but don’t splinter easily. Infused with meat juices for sweet taste, they also protect against plaque build-up as well as massaging the gums whilst helping relieve boredom. But if your pet is a belligerent chewer, this might not be the right choice.

Dog Chew Toys

Rubberized toys: These puncture-resistant pet toys are designed to stand up to several hours of chewing. They’re extremely durable, safe, and fun.

Interactive treat toys: The tricky treat ball is fabricated with high-impact plastic to engage your pet’s mind while you are away. It’s designed in such a way that you can only tuck in treats that become manifest when your dog paws, noses, and nudges them.

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Keeping him/her active

Safe toys help keep your dog’s imagination active, promote dental health, give peace of mind, and discourage destructive behavior. And with the availability of numerous varieties and sizes, it’s very easy to find a favorite toy for your special pet.