natural skin care lines

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It can be so hard to choose a good system with so many skin care lines available. Sometimes, there’s some chemical or ingredient that doesn’t feel well on our skin, and we break out more, or we dry up and need moisturizer.

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And sometimes, you find the line that does the job perfectly. Anytime anyone asks me what I like and use on my super soft skin and gorgeous complexion I am quick to share. It’s because I love what I use.

I hate to sound conceded, but I’m one of those lucky people whose genetics resulted in baby soft and clear skin with the glow of youth. Not a single line touches my face, and my pores are very small. But I also attribute my stringent skin care routine to my natural glow and today, which includes my favorite skin care line, Fresh.

What initially drew me to Fresh was the heavenly scents. All the Fresh products have scents you’ll find in nature. They are easily identifiable and simple. Unlike other products that combine so many different scents to create a heavily perfumed smell, the roses smell like roses, cucumbers like cucumbers, oranges, well you get the idea.

My favorite collection is the Rose collection. From the cleansing foam to the face mask, from the toner to the eye serum, each product delights the senses with tender, fresh smell of roses. The rose has long been a symbol of youth and beauty. It is bold yet subtle and has the power to soothe and relax anyone with its smell.
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The products soothe and tone the skin and hydrate and balance it as well. I always feel refreshed after using the Rose collection by Fresh. So, when people ask me what I use I am always happy to share my love of the Fresh Rose Collection.