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Yes pals. If you’ve read the title to this article correctly, and it turns out that this is something you have been looking for, then know it is possible to make your beloved feline to use his toilet.


Like you, I was pessimistic, but until I did my research is when I saw the possibility. Plus, it comes with numerous benefits.

So, why continue handling that unhygienic thing when you can teach him to use the toilet. Plus, to maintain a litter box may be way too expensive and time-consuming.

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The benefits

The benefits of training your cat to use the toilet are obvious: it eliminates the odors from those litter boxes. It also improves the health and hygiene standards for both of you.


What it takes

Here is how to proceed:

Adjustment phase

Move your Whiskey’s litterbox near the toilet so that you can introduce him to it along with the smells as well as the environment around it.

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Raise the litterbox

The next step should be to raise his litter box (albeit gradually).Use a plastic step to do this. Do this until his litterbox’s height is at the same level as that of the toilet.

The box

You can then go more advanced by moving the litterbox to the seat of the toilet (but half way initially) until your cat get used to this concept. Move it (the box) completely when you realize that he is comfortable.

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Replace the box with a nice training box. Purchase one online or from your local vet store. Ensure to clean all litters inside of the training box after every use. Then sprinkle catnip on the clean litter.

After a couple of days

Remove one ring from the training box. This should be repeated for a couple of days until there are no more rings. This is purposed at getting him used to the sight and smell of toilet water. Remember: Always flush the toilet whenever your pet does his business.