best dog food puzzles

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Your PUP is undoubtedly smarter than you think. Even if you are banking on taking advantage of the benefits of weight loss from a well-designed food puzzle, chances are that your pup isn’t interested in that food puzzle because he/she does not think the puzzle is worth it.

But, try upping the ante with superior treats at the start. I bet your dog will quickly figure out the puzzle sooner than you think.

Enticing your dog with something scrumptious should be the first step. When selecting foods that should go into the puzzle, consider something “soft” as well as “chewy,” and definitely think “smelly.” Here are many choices you can up to from your local pet supplier.

dog snack ball

Meat sticks

You can also go for “meat sticks” that have been relegated to toddlers. All you need to do here is to cut them into bits or pursue the classic training treat: nicely cooked hot dogs!

puzzle dog bowl

Own pet treats

If you have a dehydrator, making your own pet treats is even easier. What you need to do here is to dry bits of liver. You can also dry bits of chicken strips. Some pooches love Cheerios and even veggie bits, so they will consider working for these types of treats.

Check out the Interactive Toys for Your Fido

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dog puzzle box

The trick

Identify what he (your puppy) loves most. Then you can save it for food puzzles. Obviously, you’ll want to be cautious not to let him overindulge — since too much of anything (I mean food outside his usual diet) might end up causing gastrointestinal upset.

Next, design a puzzle that will let him succeed. For instance, you can go for a puzzle that uses the large opening to let puzzle food come out easily.

Also, you can go for puzzles (easy ones) that make it easy for your dog to solve. For instance, simply spreading kibble (in the relatively long grass of course) for your canine to locate using the nose.

Let us face the truth: Today’s dogs are “born retired.” And for sure, that isn’t the best way for them to spend a life. Dogs who are exposed to using food puzzles appreciate their hunting heritage, which is good for any mentally and physically healthy dog. In a nutshell, slower eating, thinking, and more activity —will lead to a healthier dog.