focus on me

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Generally, those giving the advice wish well for you. And their intentions vary. Sometimes you’ll hear them say, “That is where the real money is!” Sometimes “That’s the path to happiness and prosperity!”, or “This can make you successful!”

And that is great. The walk that’s making them victorious is wonderful only for them……..But…

That’s their path. It doesn’t matter where it’s taking them if it isn’t your path

You may crave for success, happiness, wealth, or greater spirituality as well as inner peace. Or you may want something entirely different. But whatever you’re dying to have, even if it is exactly what your friend’s path leads to, your way to success may still be different because you’re unique, with different skills, talents, dreams, and desires.

focus on self

You’re you; nobody else can walk your path.

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Sure, others might guide you. But it’s your responsibility to explore your own path. The moment you start walking your path, you will find guides, signposts, and mentors to help you follow the right direction. You really should ignore those who are telling you that your path is not right. It’s your way, not theirs.
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Have You Discovered Your True Path?

Take some time and think about the things which make you happy in life. I mean true joy. What’s that precious gift that makes your heart and mind to sing? What are those perfect moments that are filled with pure delight, where everything comes to a halt, and the world dwindles leaving you in TRUE bliss?

self love

These are your obsessions, and they are clues to your path. Whatever your ‘calling’ is in life, hold onto it because it’s yours.