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Social media is now going gaga over a newfangled make-up style that is just summer-perfect. If you’re looking for something floral this summer, try out these classy floral eyeliners. They’re quirky, kitschy and jam-packed with pop.
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Here is what you’ll need: Brightly colored liquid eyeliners, dotting tools, some scotch tape, and an eyeliner brush to create a vivid look.

The Good Side….

step by step winged eyeliner

The best thing about it? You can let those artistic juices of yours to flow and try many different variations as you may want! From a slight floral string along your eyelid to posies of flowers winding up in a wing, there are just enough options to play around with.

Embellish Your Temperament

how to apply winged liquid eyeliner

Besides, you can opt to embellish your make-up with some stick-on binds along the lashes to adorn your eye gardens with some crazy jazz.


Don’t forget to keep it light because wreathed liners make a strong statement. A thin layer of foundation, a pastel lipstick, and blush-on in peach or red are sufficient to complete the look.
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The Whole Process is DIY

small winged eyeliner

This is a simple and basic floral look any beginner can DIY. Pro tip: Try different looks, such as bold wine, dramatic electric blues as well as flaming reds. You can get more inspiration from YouTube tutorials.

Here is how to go about it

Start by applying a thin liner along your eyelids’ insides. Then prepare your eyelid using a primer & apply a classic, neutral eyeshadow. The next process involves picking out some interesting liquid eyeliners-for instance; you can go for green, orange, yellow, or pink shades. Turning that fist of yours into a palette and dabbing smudges of liners should be your next step. Now, use dotting tools to create magic specks along your eyelid to mimic a floral arrangement. Finally, finish it off with a coat of mascara.