Collar Swag for Your Pup

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Proud of your Scottish heritage, like me, or do you just really like plaid? Either way, you might love dressing up your pooch in a fashion-forward tartan style collar.

Even if tartans aren’t your style, you can sharpen your dog’s image with a dramatic collar.

A smart looking collar and matching leash can add a stunning quality to your dog’s appearance. Watch this video on a hi-tech collar which tells you the mood of your dog.



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Here are some suggestions for coat color and collar matches to up your dog’s fashion game:

Dogs with black and white long coats, like Border Collies, looking stunning in bright blues with white, black, and green highlights.
Check out the Douglas Tartan colors for a beautiful color scheme when shopping for your Border Collie or other black and white dog accessories.

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Buff-colored dogs have neutral, light tones but sometimes have warmer tones around facial features, paws, and tails. Dogs with lighter coat colors need a collar that pops. Dark blues are an excellent choice when it comes to these dogs.

Grey toned dogs are very handsome in their cool colors, but these dogs need a color that makes a statement. Try dressing your gray-colored dogs up in red with black houndstooth or plaid patterns to add a regal flair.

Irish Setters and the likes, with their gorgeously shiny red coats, looking fantastic in complimentary greens. The colors don’t have to be all green but make sure it’s bright.

Kelly green or malachite with black will complement the shiny, bright red coat of an Irish Setter and will also look good on white and red-coated dogs. Keeping with red-coated dogs, if you have a Terrier type with a beautiful neckline and warm colors, a Hibernian tartan or green and purple will dress up the neck superbly.

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Tri-toned dogs, like the beagle and other hounds, look great in cool and bright color combinations, like dark blues and bright reds. The sharp contrast between the two colors will fit perfectly with the red, white, and black patchwork so often seen on hounds.

Finally, some dogs have dark gray and blues tones to their coats. It’s best to dress these dogs up patterns similar to the Haymarket Check tartan of tan with red and black. Your fashionista pooch is sure to turn heads in the Haymarket Check.

You may have to try a few styles and colors before you find one that strikes your fancy. Take you dog out shopping with you and make it a fun day for the both of you. She’ll love the attention, and you will love the look.