chrome nail polish kit

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We’ve been experimenting and designing away ever since the Chrome and Mirror look hit salons and the at-home market. 

The look is fabulous, shiny, bold, and beautiful and many nail artists and aficionados are pushing the limits of design. One such artist, Julie Ventura, out of Sherman Oaks, CA has a new, easy to pull off the look you’ve just got to try – Chrome Lightning effects.

shiny chrome nail polish

The Chrome Lightning effect is super easy to get. If you have the correct equipment at home for a gel manicure, you can jump right in. This look is also effortless, and your nail professional can give you this look in no time too. Here are Julie’s four steps:

Step One – Polish your nails with a black gel polish and cure.

Step Two – Polish your nails with a black matte top coat. Curing is not necessary yet, but you’re welcome to do so. If you choose not to cure, give your matte top coat a quick buff.

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Step Three – Using a thin striping brush and a no-wipe gel top coat, paint thin branches on your nails. These should look organic, like lighting, tree branches, or tiger stripes. When you’re satisfied, cure your design.

Step Four – Rub on Chameleon Chrome nail powder and buff it in. Wipe off the excess powder and seal only the design with a gel top coat using your striping brush. Give yourself a final cure, and you’ve got a very organic, holographic look, like lightning.

gold chrome nail polish

Chameleon Chrome powder comes in a variety of shades that reflect the light and change colors. If you want electrifying nails, looks for powder colors that reflect vibrant blues, teals, and purples to give you a lightning look. 
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Of course, you can go with any color you desire, and black bases are not the only option. For my lightning look, I went with a midnight blue. It’s dark enough to reflect my chrome powder designs and looks amazing.

If you’re interested in some of Julie’s designs, check out her Instagram, @Juliev37, and get inspired too.