dog raincoat with umbrella hood

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You don’t let a little bit of rain stop you so why hesitate with your dog? Our four-legged friends don’t always have the option of holding it until the rain stops and they also need their daily exercise. But after a walk in the rain, you probably don’t want to bring a smelly wet dog back inside.

A high-quality raincoat for your dog can keep her dry while you guys run your errands or she does her business. Many options are available for your dog that include hoods or no hoods, or coats that cover the whole body or just the back, and coats that come in a wide range of colors and patterns. Let’s be honest you’re probably going to choose a color and design that you like. Your dog is likely completely indifferent to the color.

best dog rain jacket

The one thing to keep in mind when dressing your dog in a raincoat, or any accessory for that matter, is how comfortable she will be in it. If you’re dying to take your dog out to town in the latest fashion, you need to give her time to get acquainted with the idea. Once she feels comfortable with the new look, take her outside and see how she does.

The best raincoats are not heavy and are easy to put on and take off. They usually secure around the chest and the body but leave plenty of mobility. Hood up or hood down, these coats cover the majority of the back and body to prevent the rain and snow from getting your dog wet, cold, and uncomfortable. Just keep in mind, her paws will probably get wet unless you also outfit her with doggie galoshes. Galoshes will also complete her fashion-forward look while keeping her feet dry but your pooch may need to practice walking in her boots before you take her outside in them.