list of dress codes

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So you have got some great party on your calendar. And you’ve practiced all the funny jokes you are going to make regarding the Situationist policy you just completed reading. You are ready to get on the move!

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The challenge

But wait a moment: You’re naked! Getting dressed for such an intricate event presents a huge challenge. Wear your normal clothes and everyone will presume you’re nobody or take over the entire place, neither of which, would you like to answer for. Trust me, get too dressed and you’ll quickly veer into Halloween territory. You certainly don’t want to put on the art. You want to watch it. And maybe even touch it when there’s no one looking; because you fancy transgression!
style your outfit

Women: A dress paired with a bespoke jacket, is appropriate. Go for shapes that perfectly suit you, and wear stunning palettes like navy, gray, or black.
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Be sure to keep your jewelry unique to add a sense of sophistication, and consider carrying a stylish tote for that horde of information you’ll be storing away.

simple fashion style tips

Men: Wear something well-fitting, perhaps a pair of fashionable suit. Stick to classic hues or colors like charcoal gray, subtly striped or solid navy. Conservative shirts, which may include light blue or white, will work fantastically.

Matching ties using the monochromatic scheme or triadic color scheme will make you stand out. If you really need to attract people’s attention, opt for whitish pocket square and pair it with a classy presidential fold. Remember, you’re trying to gain a perspective outlook. Dressing well but with modesty will make you extremely attractive.

know style clothing

For skinner people………..

If you’re skinnier and are seeking to accentuate your width, try wearing a medium spread shirt and pair it with Windsor knot. And for those who’re on the bulkier side, stripped suits will offer a significant slimming down effect.