don t give up on me baby

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If you want to be great, you should be persistent. Remember, nothing comes on a silver platter. Challenges will be there, disappointments will be many, and you’ll fail severally before achieving your DREAMS. But never give up! Keep trying, trying, and trying!

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Imagine you could reverse things and give your twenty-year-old self some advice on devoting substantial time to creative processes, formulating new ideas, and crafting good, fun work. How would that be? What would you say?

do not be discouraged

A true story that’ll inspire you

One day a certain farmer’s donkey fell into a deep well. The four-legged creature cried pitifully for several hours as the owner tried to contemplate on the way forward. Finally, he decided that there was no need to retrieve the animal because he was too old anyway. So, he invited his neighbors to come and help cover up the well. They all started shoveling dirt into the well. The donkey realized what was going on and started crying horribly. Then, to everybody’s astonishment, he quieted down.

One or two shove loads later, the owner looked down the borehole and was surprised at what he saw. The animal was doing something astounding.
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With every scoop of dirt thrown on his back, he would vigorously shake it off and take a step upwards. This went on for a few minutes before the donkey jumped over the well’s edges and trotted off! And everyone was amazed!

achieving the dream

Want to know how this story is relevant to your dreams?

Don’t allow anyone to steal your dreams. Don’t give up on them, just press on because they’re all valid. Rise above the waters and be what you want to be. You have the potential, and no one should intimidate you!

Belief is a very powerful word- feeling and knowing that something great is coming your way. Create a state of certainty within yourself, and you’ll see magic happen.

First, love what you do. Second, document your goals. And finally, wear the gusto your dreams generate! By doing this constantly, you will start realizing your dreams, step by step.


Life can shovel dirt on us; I mean all types of dirt.

The only trick is to stay strong and to persevere. Refuse to stop! And you’ll get out of deep wells, no matter what. Shake it off and move on!