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OK, so Terriers are not the only dogs who love tug toys. Almost every dog will play with a tug toy if you’re on the other end of it. That’s because our dogs love to play with us.

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Playtime is an important part of every day for a dog and spending time doing fun things with him will help keep his mind stimulated and his body active.

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Unlike fetch or Frisbee, which requires your dog to bring the toy back to you and give it up, tug toys are meant to be a playful struggle between you and your canine companion.
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Just a few minutes of tugging will use quite a bit of your dog’s energy, and the longer you play, the more tired he’ll get. Once he’s tuckered out, he’ll be less likely to misbehave inside.

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Whether you make a tug toy from an old shirt and tennis ball or you purchase one, these dog toys are excellent for rainy days too when you can’t get outside. There are also stationary tug toys or tethered tug toys where the toy is tethered to a flexible rod that’s staked in the ground. While playtime is always better with you, your dog can also enjoy himself outside with a tethered tug toy.

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A tethered tug toy is a great addition to a backyard because it offers an interactive experience for your dog and may prevent him from digging up the flower bed or finding a way to escape the yard.
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Your dog will also burn a lot more energy with a tug toy because he’ll jump, chase, and pull more he would during a little jaunt around the yard.

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Tug toys might seem a little mindless when compared to coordination it takes to catch a Frisbee in mid-air, but tug rope will satisfy his mind just as well. If you find your pooch is misbehaving inside or moping around a little bit, get him going with some consistent playtime with a tug toy. You will see a vast improvement in his mood and behavior once he’s properly exercised.