best broom for dog hair

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Not all grooming tips should be adopted. Some are counter-intuitive. For instance, shaving a double-coated dog breed in the summer is likely to disadvantage your dog health-wise, especially when it comes to withstanding adverse weather conditions. The double coat allows your dog to regulate his temperature.

Instead of shaving, consider brushing or using a de-shedding tool to get rid of excess hair.

More tips

1) Frequently brushing or utilizing a de-shedding tool can help remove that excess hair from your dog’s undercoat. This will keep him cool and comfortable during this summer.

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2) Routinely grooming your dog will help detect fleas and ticks. So, if you want to catch those disturbing fleas and ticks, consider doing proper maintenance and care.

3) HYDRATE. Like us, dogs too can be dehydrated, especially if they are super-active. Thus, make a point of giving your dog plenty of fresh water.

4) When grooming your dog, don’t forget to keep hair (enough of it) on his coat to protect the skin from the sun, especially during the summer—like us, canines can get sunburned!

5) Ensure that your dog's paw pads are always trimmed. Dogs tend to sweat through their feet, so regularly trimming the hair around their paws will keep them cool in addition to preventing debris from getting caught.

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6) Mind what your dog eats. The health of a dog’s skin starts with the food he eats. So, Spend some time researching the best diet for dogs. Ask your local vet for recommendations.

The bottom line

Dogs are like small kids. They need care and attention, especially when it comes to his coat during the summer. Embracing the tips mentioned above can help your dog have a health and glittering coat. Act fast if you love your dog and am sure he probably really adores you. Good luck!