Man's best friend

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They’re incredible examples that show that dogs exude a high level of loyalty to their masters. Think of Reek, the pup who lay aside next to his NAVY SEAL’s the casket in grief. Or Ronny, the Fido who greeted his master at the railway station on a daily basis when he comes from work, and when he (the owner) suddenly passed on, he went to the station about the same time daily for about nine good years. Most obedient dogs.

The big question

So, this breeds the big question: Why are our four-legged furry pals so loyal? Some of you might be tempted to conclude that dogs are loyal simply because they are dependent on us for food as well as shelter, so they’ve to be always nice to us. But when you witness how your dog reacts when you’re back after a long time, you know it is more than shelter & food.

Dog’s are so loyal and are man’s best friends. It is time for us to think about such loyal companions. You can find some useful products for your fido to keep them safe and happy.

Pack-like animals

Dogs are pack-like loyal animals. They’ll always want to belong to a specific pack, whether it comprises of dogs or humans.

Dogs are not loners. And when a member of the pack is gone, even temporarily, they’ll feel that one of the members is missing.

Loving creatures

Dogs are naturally very affectionate. Their instinct is geared towards bonding. And if you might be wondering why dogs do fight or attack, there is a simple reason to it: They’ve been conditioned by human beings to behave that way. Pups want to be loved (and they always reciprocate the same love), which deep down is what human beings want. They love being part of a certain pack, contribute to it, and protect the pack members.

A Man’s best friend

Man-dog friendship/relationship dates back thousands of years ago. Pooches did not become “our best friend” just like that; they did it for a reason. They are the best pets when it comes to giving us, unconditional love. So, if your dog loves you that much, why mistreat him? Why make him fight: Why overbreed him for profit?

 Dogs, for many years now, have been so loyal to us. So, it is time we return the favor. Animals are more loyal than humans.