what to do if your puppy bites you

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If you have a friendly puppy, you might have realized that he likes nipping / biting people? Do you know why? The main reason they do this is to play, get attention, and they are probably teething.

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The power of the “Yipe” feedback

The good thing is that this is a developmental stage and he will grow out of it sooner than later. So, don’t get frustrated and resort to punishments & corrections. Doing so can shutter the relationship you have with your lifetime, loyal companion. Also, try teaching him how delicate the human skin is. Thus, let him/her experiment a little and give him a comprehensive feedback (say “yipe!” and ignore him by removing your attention) when he/ she tends to nip too hard. This will let him learn that human skin is very sensitive and is a no go zone.
Dog Biting
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We are in luck! Nipping is not hard to stop. It is very easy since we KNOW what any pup desires – to play in addition to chew! So, get her a lot of chew toys. Then, walk away and ignore your dog whenever he/she nips. And if she insists on following and nipping at your shoes, use a tie back or gate. You can also use a timeout. And when he is gentle, stay and play.

Puppy Bite

The tips at a glance

  • When playing with your puppy, have a toy to play with.
  • Exercising her will help get rid of excess energy. So, he won’t have the energy to nip or bite.
  • Ensure that she gets enough rest.
  • Get her lots of chew toys to help her get over teething.
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  • Never leave your kids as well as dogs unattended. Also, teach your kids not to run away and scream when nipped by puppies.

Nurture your pup the way you do with your kids. He will get past this nipping and bite developmental stage!