pet friendly hikes near me

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For some of us, hiking is a great way to commune with nature and get away from the pressures of day-to-day life. We find peace and quiet on favorite trails and blaze forward on new ones. 

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Our dogs also love the time on the trail with us and offer us companionship and protection.

Occasional hikes might be too singular and exciting for a dog who gets to see and smell new things around every corner. You may have to keep him close and appreciate his experiences for what they are.

good hiking dogs

But if you have a well-seasoned hiking dog who is behaved and used to the routine of stay near your side or leading the way just a few yards ahead, then you may want to up his game. Our dogs love to feel needed and useful. Giving them a job, no matter how trivial it may seem, is a great honor to a dog.

There are several different ways you can give your dog a job to do on the trail but carrying items is the most obvious. Today, you can find canvas saddlebags and packs designed specifically for dogs based on their size.
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Choose a vivid color that stands out in the environment you hike most often in like bright blue or red. This will help you keep an eye on your dog if he gets too far ahead of you. However, it’s always better to keep him on a lead for his safety and the safety of others you may encounter on the trail. Your hiking party will also be highly visible to other people.

best dog for hiking protection

Try to keep your dog’s pack light and carry dog related items like treats and pop-up water bowls, but you can put other useful things in there, like bug spray and first aid items. You don’t want to burden your pooch with heavy items though.
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Keeping it light allows your dog the freedom of motion and will help prevent overheating and exhaustion. Whether you are out for a quick day hike or have plans on hiking clear across the country, your dog will love being a part of your experience and will be happy to do a job for you.