how to communicate with your dog

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Let us take some time to talk about your boyfriend you cherish so much, your man, your soul, and a partner-in-crime —he can do literally anything just to see you happy.

Talk of the awesome org*****ms he gives you; how he listens when you had a bad day, and not forgetting the flattering messages he splashes you with to just flatter you— in the real world. However, stick to reality: human beings might be imperfect and self-centered, especially when it comes to love.

However, what you haven’t realized is that there’s someone who will love you unconditionally no matter what — your dog.

A dog is a fiercely loyal creature. He is heartwarming, adorable, a hero, and your best friend. He will always want to please and be around the master no matter what. He won’t care how you smell, will cheer you up when you’re sad, will always listen to you, and won’t leave you like your “BF-God forbid” did.
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Remember the famous alpine ski racer by the name Lindsey Vonn? When she was informed that she would not participate in Sochi Wither Olympics (because she was scheduled to undergo a knee injury), she adopted a mood-booster- a cute, playful dog. So, if you didn’t know how your dog can really change your life physically and mentally, keep reading.

You get a walk when you take him out

Walking your dog will get you more active, which will boost your mental health and your physical fitness.

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Dogs do strengthen the relationships/bonds between humans.

According to a study by Tufts University, people with strong connections with their dogs also tend to have added social and relationship benefits.
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A loving dog can detect you have cancer or not.

A well trained and loving dog can detect (with an accuracy of 91%) if you have colorectal cancer by just sniffing. But first, you should be fond of him and make him your best friend.

Look at your dog, and you’ll be happier

Because dogs are heartwarming!

Studies show that your level of oxytocin (a hormone which elicits a feeling of happiness) can raise in intensity by interacting with your dogs.

Dogs are family!

Other benefits

If you have a dog, you’ll probably concur with me that a dog’s face can bring out the care in you, he can help you come out of high stress as well as recover psychologically after a crisis.