dog rescued

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A man sees a dog shivering in a cold car and rescues the dog. He notices that the dog was left alone in the car for a few moments at the grocery stores and finds that the dog was crying loud expressing pain. The dog was left alone in a turned off car.

Watch this video!

The dog should never be left behind in a locked car. If it is too cold or hot for you, it is cold/hot for them also. In the too cold season, the dogs should be at home. The fur coat that they have does not protect them enough in zero degrees.

Though there are Good Samaritan laws to save a person or pet in too cold and hot climates, it is always a good idea to take the help of police in such situations.

Oregon is the 11th state to pass Good Samaritan laws- Check out the video. Laws to Protect Dogs Left in Hot Cars!