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My first Jimmy Australian dog was adopted in 2007. This is a breed my son cheerfully describes as “Mr. Play” – and we (I and my son) quickly come to the realization that this ball-crazy canine would quickly drive us crazy if we delayed teaching him the famous “off switch” cue.

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We used his favorite toy – a badminton ball – in teaching him that “All done!” was supposed to mean that –end of the game- and there was no need for her to ask us to continue throwing the ball. This would then be translated easily when it comes to other situations where we wanted to tell him that “we are done with the activity at hand” – whether it was play, training, or interactions.

Below, this article is going to walk you through the process of installing an “off switch” in your favorite canine:

  1. Commence with a relatively long playing session – and make sure it is long enough to prompt your dog end the game to relax. With Jimmy, taking him to the yard and tossing his favorite ball for some time was enough; my son would climb to the top of a hill with the ball and toss it down for him to fetch – repeatedly. The goal was to have Jimmy more ready or less ready when it comes to quitting on his own – until you teach him “All done!”
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  3. Giving your “All done!” reminder in style will work like magic. You can position it in an area where your dog won’t see it – for instance in a backpack. Ensure that any effort of your dog of re-engaging with it is totally ignored.
  4. Tell your family to, too, ignore any attempt to play.
  5. Keenly watch him and notice any behavioral change and appreciate him for that.
  6. Ensure that you apply “All done!” cue to all other training and recreational activities.
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  8. Expert dog trainers normally use “That’ll do” in place of “off switch” – thanks to the famous movie “Babe.” Hope you remember it?

Remember, you can use any expression of your choice. But you must always stick with it! It will work, trust me!