a dog is a man's best friend

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Our dogs are intelligent, capable animals who’ve lived beside us for thousands of years. We have taken their kind in and nurtured them, developed their strong qualities based on their breed types, asked them to guard us, protect us, hunt with us, and love us.

Even with all the pressure we’ve put on our dogs over the many millennia, they want to be at our sides and are eager to please us.


The last two hundred years or so have seen a huge improvement in the health and welfare of our oldest animal companions, and from fancier to novice dog parent, we love our dogs.
All modern-day dogs can trace their lineage back to an alpha dog who some researchers say was first domesticated over 32,000 years ago. Domestication involves “taming” the animal through selective breeding programs and shaping it to suit a design or purpose that is beneficial to the master. Though this may sound a little cruel at first, can you imagine how desolate our lives would be without canine companionship?
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Of course, we might not know how bad it would be but when you consider the unconditional love a dog can show its people you can become quickly overwhelmed by the feeling.

So, what makes dogs so amazing in the first place? Why would an ancient man want to domestic them? We’ll never know for certain, but many scientists and researchers believe early man domesticated wild wolves in Eurasia first to help with hunting parties.

Prehistoric dogs found the benefit of living a somewhat better, more well-protected lifestyle among the “packs” of humans and humans we equally protected and served by their canine companions. Cave paintings throughout Europe and Asia often showman with his faithful dog as he hunts down a big game to deer armed with crude instruments.
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Today, one of the fascinating things about the domestic dog, and something that separates him from all other beasts of the earth is that the dog can communicate with humans without the need for us to speak and give commands. In fact, the only requirement necessary to communicate with a dog is your gaze. Dogs are the only animals on the planet that follow the gaze of humans and can act according to the direction given by our eyes.
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That’s a pretty amazing connection. So, the next time your dog makes eye contact with you and you feel that soulful connection and unconditional love from him, thank him for his extraordinary gift. He is a truly remarkable creature and designed to be our first and best friend.

Old dogs are the sweetest companions that you will ever find. Science tells us that there are a variety of benefits of having a dog. Well, while the dog ages, he becomes your best friend ever! The benefits that he must have offered all through the years must have kept you alive all these years that have gone by. Having a dog boost your mood, helps reduce blood pressure, helps reduce stress, anxiety, fight depression and many more.

Dogs create the best memories. They are the best friends you can have !!! Old age can be wonderful when loved and cared for. Beauty can come with age as shown here! Old dogs can be just as cute as puppies. Old dogs are quick to adapt to new settings. Old dogs always will love you no matter what happened.