best flea shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin

No dog owner loves the smell of water-phobia Fido! At least, even if he (the dog) views taking a shower as a punishment, bath him occasionally.

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While some pooches (especially those with shorter coats), only require just a shower, most of them need shampoo.

 So, why should you get your four-legged furry pal his “DOGGY shampoo?” Simple: dog shampoos are gentle, which helps prevent the stripping of the dog’s natural oils, and are strong enough to remove the dirt.
what's the best dog shampoo for fleas and ticks
Remember: Certain types of shampoos (I mean those designed for your hair) might be an irritant to your dog’s skin-because they contain harsh detergents. So, the best thing to do is to use those shampoos labeled for dogs.
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Choosing the best shampoo

Go for a shampoo that suits your specific needs. Here are more tips to help you choose the right shampoo.

  • No more tears: The shampoo you choose should be gentle on your dog’s eyes.
  • Brightening/whitening: If you want your dog to be sparkling after bath, then brightening/whitening shampoo might be the best option for you.
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  • Waterless /rinse-free: Dry shampoos, or powdery ones, tend to minimally clean up your dog’s dirt. In fact, it is intended for quick fixes only.
  • Deodorizing: Deodorizing shampoos are excellent at dealing with dead rodent or even fresh poop.
  • Stamping out skunk: This is a DIY shampoo. Here is how to make it: Mix a quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide, a quarter of a mug of baking soda, plus a teaspoon of soap (it should be in liquid form). After mixing it, apply it gently and then rinse thoroughly.

medicated dog shampoo for allergies

How often should your bathe your dog?

While pups don’t require the daily scrub downs like humans, it is essential to bath them regularly — but how regular should you bath him? Well, it depends on numerous factors like the dog’s environment and his coat type.

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General guidelines

  • Bath him at least once a month.
  • If your coat has an oily coat, bath him frequently, say once a week.
  • Short-haired breeds (those with smooth coats) like Beagles & Weimaraners, can do just fine with less regular baths. And short-coated Basenjis tend to be fastidious as far as their personal hygiene is concerned. So, they rarely need to bath.
  • If your dog has a water-repellent coat (golden Retrievers or Great Pyrenees), bath him less often in order to preserve his natural oils.

 The golden tip!

Choose a chemical-free shampoo. Read the label to ensure it’s safe for your dog. Remember, toxic elements are likely to impact negatively on your dog’s health.