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If someone asks you what makes dogs look super healthy, the obvious answer would be “shiny” coats. A healthy and happy dog tends to emanate a glow from his/her hair fibers, sparkling down to his/her non-split ends.
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So, if you are so much into dog grooming and you want to know what makes your dog’s coat look dull as well as lifeless, we got you covered. Among other things, we are going to uncover all issues of dog grooming and how to make him enjoy better hair DOGGY days.

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Dull Coat: The causes

Poor nutrition is the biggest culprit of a dull coat. Ask an experienced vet, and he will vividly point out what has been making your dog’s coat look dull.
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So, if you have been neglecting your four-legged companion, think and think again. If you want him to look nice, a healthy diet is all you need. It should feature real meat, protein, few by-products, preservatives, as well as grains.

Healthy Dog

Encouraging a shiny coat naturally

Turning a tip-top shaped dog’s coat shiny might prove tricky. But with the following tips, you can encourage his coat to be shiny again.

1. Tuna, sardines, & salmon

Tuna, sardines, & salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can help boost the health of your dog’s coat, plus they are delicious to any dog! So, the next time you visit a dog’s store, don’t forget to ask for it. It is good for your little Jimmy.

Healthy Dog Fur

2. Brush regularly

Ensure that you brush your dog regularly to stimulate his skin & hair follicles. This helps boost the production of the skin’s essential oils, hence making the coat shiner. Brushing him twice per day will work like magic.
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Other tips

Apply a little oil to his food, go for herbal remedies like horsetail (since it is high in silica), make a good shelter for him, and count on the power of oatmeal bath to help remedy his skin problems.