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Adopting a dog is a great feeling as you bring a new puppy or dog home for the first time but did you know that your home owner’s insurance may be raised or you may not be insurable at all based on your dog?

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Sounds ridiculous but it is a sad fact. Many of us wonder why an insurance company would do this. I thought perhaps it was for destructive behaviors, like digging up yards or destroying things around the house; but it’s much more than that. Some insurance companies won’t even talk to you if you have certain dog breeds or mixes. The reason is some breeds have a greater potential to be protective or territorial.

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If you’re like me, you’re not about to part with your companion just because an insurance company refuses to insure you. There are ways to work around the problem. First, you can try a different insurance company. Not all insurers have dog clauses barring certain breeds. Second, some insurance companies allow you to pay additional liability insurance for your pooch. However, the third option is my favorite one because not only can I keep my dog and avoid premium increases, but I have bragging rights!

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My dog is a Good Canine Citizen. Yes, it’s a real thing, and it’s an approved class offered through the American Kennel Club. The program certifies your dog as a polite, well-manner pup who is an upstanding member of your household and the community. The training lasts at least six weeks, and each dog much passes a 10-step test showcasing their fine, well-mannered behaviors.

Your dog is awarded a certification that your insurance company will accept, thus waiving the additional liability charges and possibly reducing your premiums even further. 

The training is also beneficial for your dog who will receive plenty of mental stimulation and get the chance to socialize with people and other dogs in new places.